Pre Algebra

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Algebra got you down! worry not! You can count on us. Ours is a prealgebra tutoring service that makes kids understand the basics of algebra in ways infinite. With our committed team, your kids are prepared for the high school algebra course. We ensure the advanced and high-tech online tools.

If Math is the problem, Jaya's Academy is the solution. Here we guide bright minds to the top. We are not simply teaching, but helps your child to help himself. Maximizing the potential through the best and interesting technology available.

We offer education at your door, you just need to ring us at your convenient time slot. Here your time and suitability always go in terms with the system we have planned exclusively for you. The best tutors available in various time slots to match the student’s individual pace. Continuous correspondence between the student and the tutor brings an optimal personalized learning experience. All this, and much more, in the comfort and security of your home!

What Prealgebra Classes Include?

  • Introduction to integers
  • Fractions
  • Square roots
  • Linear equations
  • Step equations
  • Decimals

In our prealgebra tutoring course, the child can sharpen his abstract reasoning skills and learns to model real situations using expressions and symbols. Working in advance with the fractions, decimals, and proportions; the student learns to compare offers, interpret survey data, make scale models, and much more.

Our online prealgebra tutors discuss rational numbers, exponential notation, and irrational numbers. The child gets acquainted with the algebraic expressions and equations, taught in a contextual basis. Starting with simple functions, we assist the kids to progress gradually to more difficult and multi-stage scenarios. The application of these concepts in other interdependent fields is also taken care of to understand how various branches of mathematics come together to solve our everyday problems.

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Focused & 1-on-1 attention:

Our prealgebra tutor gives one-on-one attention to each student. We can assure our tutor’s caliber in meeting your kids’ queries. Choose us and get directed to the wonder world of Math.


We work according to our students’ schedules. You just give us your free time then sit back and experience the potential you were looking for.

Learn in the Comfort of Home:

Your kids can have access to our online prealgebra tutoring classes in the comfort and safety of their homes. Time and money saved.


With us, the timings can be arranged and adjusted easily and we are present right in your house through mobile or desktop screen.

Dedicated round the clock help:

With our online algebra tutoring service, the kids can access the online classes 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Also get assistance on an urgent basis to clear queries of students, with special exam tips for stress-busting.

We provide more than Good Grades:

Where learning is a journey, we are the best destination available. So, no matter whichever areas your kids need help with, we are there to guide them. Just ring us once to register for the online classes or for any queries to get cleared.