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A Tradition of Excellence

Your child’s future is our priority. Education is not preparation of life but the life itself. They know enough; who know how to learn. We empower children to reach their potential. Motivation is the key to success and Jaya's Academy helps the students to help themselves. It’s time to go ahead with better grades.

Learn from the Best

Jaya's Academy rise up to all your expectations



Focused & one-on-one attention

Learning at Comfort of Home

Efficient and experienced tutors

Dedicated round the clock help

Guaranteed Satisfaction


Make the Right Choice

Jaya's Academy endeavour to provide learning with a different attitude. We mould the children by motivation and inspiration.

Creative approach

We make you win over stress and uncertainties. The technology we rely upon, empower you to be up to date. Learn within the comforts of your home. Our sessions are available at affordable price.

Why choose Us

Jaya's Academy brings the whole world of learning to your fingertips. Here we unwrap creativity. What really matters is discovering possibilities. And we open a door to your bright future. Our vision is to let the world see your ambitions and we are up to build strategies that work 100%. Your destiny is safe in our hands.

Mentorship 78

Education 95

Learning 80

Motivation 85


Aron's tutor is a very professional and reliable lady. Aron is now responding very well to his Science homework. We are pleased with his progress at school. I would highly recommend Jaya's Academy. We had recommended Miss Jaya to many of our relatives and friends.

- Sabu Cherian, Dad of Aron (Grade 6)