Creative writing


Writing creatively needs a bit of imagination and an aptness to visualise words out of images.

Well, don’t get worried over your kid’s inadequate set of vocabulary, we-the tutors of Jaya's Academy have ways infinite to make your kid equipped with the needy.

Have your kids ever tried to write a poem?

Was it good enough with the rhyming and meter?

Don’t tax your brain, ring us and convey your worries, we are a team of efficient and dedicated tutors to offer round the clock assistance

Creative writing cannot be mastered in a day, it needs constant practice in the presence of an abled tutor. It takes time to gradually meet your thoughts and words. However, a perfect online tutoring can assist you step in to the realm of words.

Jaya's Academy endorses such students to move on a correct path with clear perception. Its time to enjoy the warmth and power of imagination with Jaya’s Academy. 

Creative writing is totally different from other types of writing as it demands the imaginative power of the students. Our Creative Writing tutoring service is generated for in-depth knowledge of creative writing by embellishing the thinking process. Our creative writing tutoring helps students to find their niche. Gives them an insight into what kind of work do they would like to produce.

Here we cultivate an artistic persona to make the student independently do the creative writing along with helping them in their school home works and essay tasks.

We won’t step back in being perfect with whatever duty we take up. And provides you with the best service ever. Our Academy is a reliable consulting and creative writing tutoring place where we assure to maintain legitimacy in our work. 

Whether you want help in writing a poem in blank verse or if you wish to learn how to use words correctly in a poem or a story or be it an essay, we tell them all here. 

When you learn creative writing online with Jaya’s Academy, you discover those sides of your personalities that you never knew even existed before. Our online creative tutor makes you see the world of imagination and helps to bring it all on paper.

What else does creative writing include?

It is a reflection your thoughts and the internal capacity to handle multiple viewpoints simultaneously. You will surely get amazed at your own capacity to come up with brilliant write ups.

Jaya's Academy for Creative Writing Tutoring

To give a comprehensive analysis of the basic elements like different rhyme schemes and literary devices is the prime duty of ours as we know not all the students are familiar with them alike. Our online creative writing tutor begins with proper word usage and correct use of punctuation.

The fundamental mantra that we believe every writer should follow to get success is, reading. We advise our students to read good books and come up with recommendations for them. The good literary work is read and discussed among the students so they could learn new writing styles, forms and themes of the work.  

Our efforts always focus on to instruct students with everything they need to know, but we never spoon-feed. Our experienced online creative writing tutor asks students to write on their own and then shares their feedback on the relative work so that students could improve their skills by understanding their areas of weakness. 

The Creative Writing Course will cover:

  • Use of appropriate language
  • Building vocabulary and grammar
  • Critical Thinking
  • Develop persuasive writing skills
  • Writing explanatory essay
  • Improving student’s style of writing
  • Use of integrated materials and ideas into the essay
  • Proper understanding of literary terms and literary text
  • Write an insightful essay using analytical methods
  • Incorporate narrative of real and imagined experiences
  • Adequate use of literary devices
  • Discussion on best literary works produced

What makes us Different?  

  • Integrate videos and multimedia devices
  • Giving an honest review of works written by a student
  • Make a space for students to share their views about writing and art
  • Guidance in writing original plays, poems and stories 

An Excellent Gate for Distanced Learning

  • Our pride lies in the well-qualified tutors we opt for your service.
  • We are always an email away whenever you need us.
  • We are always an email away whenever you need us.
  • Better future of students is our priority. For this, we provide study materials prepared by experts keeping the diverse needs of students in mind. 

We will make you dream big and achieve great by making you believe in yourselves. Join Jaya's Academy to receive the best services.