Reading comprehension


Each Book You Read Adds a New Shelf to Your Brain.

Have you ever felt that reading a book is not your type of stuff?

Do you think, you won’t be able to complete reading the book you started?

Are you trying hard to cultivate the habit of reading and to feast your eyes on a good book?

If you have all these confusions, find yourself lucky, you are in the right place.

Jaya's Academy knows that reading opens a new world to your kid and let them go places. We help our students improve their reading comprehension abilities in a way that they start enjoying what they once hated. 

Come and have a delightful journey to the world of aesthetics.

Knowledge is a seed that grows when you read

Reading is not only associated with novels, poems, or fancy articles. We read surplus amount to stuff in our day to day life while walking on the road, watching television, while studying. We all read, but the question here is, can we read efficiently? Do we understand what we read, or all this reading is just happening on the surface level? 

Jaya's Academy provides reading comprehension tutoring course through the proper hands. Our experienced tutors focus on building the foundation of reading that one learned at the elementary level, and then make the students capable of stepping on to the middle school level reading. Once a student is well-versed in the arrangement of words and the correct way of reading sentences with accurate punctuation, only we move forward with the course.

Ourreading comprehension tutors understand every student is unique and has different tastes in everything. Not everyone likes to read the genre the other student is learning. Hence, our experts come up with different passages in different styles. 

We have the efficient and well-qualified online tutoring faculty in the field to answer the questions of students related to the fictional or non-fictional piece of work. Our tutors come up with various activities to build the interest of reading in students. 

You know, forcing your kids to start the habit of reading won’t work. We have to cultivate it through interesting ways. And our online reading comprehension tutors make them realize what they are missing when not reading. We know how to cast a spell on our students to let them explore their little worlds through reading.

Reading Comprehension Tutoring at Jaya's Academy

There is no such thing as too many books!

Our experts try to make the students realize the significance of reading by showing them the application of the same in the real-life situation. We never compel them to read, but rather make them experience the emotions provided by the words of a book and show them how words can act like speaking pictures.

Being one of the best online tutoring services in the US, we feel proud to convey that our tutors are the backbone of Jaya’s Academy. Our reading comprehension tutoring has changed the framework of the life of many of our students.

The Reading Comprehension Tutoring Covers:

  • Reading of different passages
  • Summary of the passages
  • Focus building techniques
  • Pronunciation lessons
  • After reading discussions, centring solely on the topic
  • Uniquely designed comprehension for students depending on their grade
  • Intensify Critical Thinking skills
  • How to make inferences and support the arguments
  • Approaches to identify text structure
  • Critical skills needed to understand the written word

Our Prime Focus will be

  • Engage students in text-based, high-quality discussions
  • Discuss a passage with intriguing questions
  • Heighten the ability to read the text attentively to help the students learn and enjoy the complex but beautiful works of literature
  • Tell them tactics to make use of contextual tools
  • Comprehend the deeper meaning of text including the use of language
  • Grasp various documents while making inter-textual connections

Jaya's Academy Stands on the Peak with:

  • Experienced and efficient Teachers with a major degree in their subject who are qualified enough to give individual attention to every student.
  • Advanced educational tools to make the learning exciting and new which make the students enjoy the classroom environment provided by us.
  • The materials designed by experts to cater to the unique tastes of your kids.
  • Our 24*7 availability to pick your call and satisfy your queries – just a message/call/email; we will be all geared up to serve you.

Books build a stairway to your imagination!

Please ring us to see, Books aren’t made up of words and pages; they are made of hopes, dreams and possibilities.