Writing and Grammar


Are you tensed by the tenses?

What do you think about the direct and indirect speeches?

Don’t take your punctuation marks for granted; commas save lives: for instance,

Let’s eat grandpa.

Let’s, eat grandpa.

If you are annoyed by the complex grammar rules, worry not; you reached the proper place to get guided. Jaya's Academy gives insight into the heavy grammar rules as easy as reading your favourite story book. We can make you write your class tasks of your own without taxing your brain.Learn grammar and writing with Jaya’s Academy like a puzzle-solving game and enjoy every bit of it. 

We know that Grammar is the backbone of a language. A school student must be taught Grammar for the same reason that a medical student should study anatomy.

Our Grammar and English tutoring services give an in-depth knowledge of the writing and the elements of grammar. We flourished in the US as the leading online tutoring service with our exceptional dedication and hard work to see into the entangled minds of the students. We excel in working with the affluence of academic tasks. We provide proper help in assignments, homework help, etc. 

To bring about authenticity in the sentences of your kids is our prime motive. Our English grammar and writing classes onlinelet the student learn and enjoy simultaneously. We promise to make them find the best in themselves rather than give you false words of making them a Shakespeare or Dryden. Our efforts focus on the direction to provide our students with the best they need in their age. We help them from the basics to build harder blocks on them.

Grammar is the difference between knowing your worth and forgetting it on the way. We guide you to place your Grammar rules in the exact places, so as to come up with the proper meaning of your words.

The best way to predict the future is to create it. Our team understands the meaning of the services we present. Our legitimacy in the work we provide made us stand in the foremost step of English grammar and writing classes online. We emphasize smart learning by giving real-life examples to make a student understand the concept better because we know metaphors exist.

There lies a misconception that, we can use our instinct and get all the grammar correct. But this can’t happen always. There are some writing and grammar fields where we should apply the grammar laws and basic elements in writing like conjunctions, proper articles, correct sentence structuring, connectors etc. 

Analysis of your kid’s competence will be done on the basis level, then only we’ll go forward with the advance level portions. Our promise is a better world for your kid to float like a feather in the sky of grammar and writing.

Grammar and writing tutoring will cover

  • Understanding Parts of Speech
  • Framing Sentences
  • Difference between subject and object
  • Subject-verb agreement
  • Usage of pronouns
  • Use of verbs
  • Clauses
  • Punctuation
  • Active vs. Passive voice
  • Formation of the proper beginning, middle, and end
  • Develop vocabulary
  • Editing Skills

Jaya's Academy stands on the top in Grammar and English tutoring

We are obliged to:

  • Guide students to express their ideas with the help of different forms of writing. 
  • Make them write by supporting the arguments given.
  • Ensure knowledge of a varied and comprehensive set of words.
  • Make the subject more relevant with the real-life examples.
  • Use different writing samples to figure out the writing style of the writer
  • Give plenty of information to make the kid understand the assignment
  • Measure your kid’s progress and change the course accordingly 

Our Uniqueness lies in

1.   Prompt Service

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2.  Experienced Tutors

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4.   Advanced Classrooms

We keep our pace with the dynamic changes in technology to give you the best environment possible in the field of online tutoring.

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