Algebra 2 & Trigonometry

Want to get your child acquainted with Math and its different genres? Have you ever thought why kids tend to steer away from Math and hate it?

According to the surveys, kids gradually loses their interest in Math because of the two domains- Algebra 2 and Trigonometry. These two branches in mathematics are vast.

Algebra is the study of rules, equations, coefficients, variables, and polynomials, making it very different from the regular mathematics. And trigonometry deals with the study of triangles and their measurements using sine, cosine and tangent functions to solve the equations and derive meaningful results for the triangle-related problems. 

Children find it tedious to deal with the complexities of algebra 2 and trigonometry. And start building an aversion towards the same. To conquer something, first of all we need to face it with courage.

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Algebra 2 & Trigonometry Tutoring

Third math course- Algebra 2 taught in high school involves linear equations, graphical representation, variable, and coefficients at the primary level. The advanced concepts are roots of polynomials, inequalities, logarithmic computations, functions, and notation. 

Likewise, Trigonometry is applied with the triangle and angles. It includes sine, cosine, tangent sections, and analytical geometry. 

Our algebra 2 with trigonometry tutors discuss and explain all of the concepts from a functional standpoint.

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