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The word Calculus comes from Latin, which means “small stone”, as it is like understanding something by looking at small pieces. Here in Jayas, we are working on the same theory, to make you understand everything step by step

Does the integration sign scare you?

Do you always turn your eyes from looking into the questions containing d/dx?

Calculus, in fact the functions and derivates can act as the hardest lessons your kid ever come across, but worry not. Our aim is to make them love Calculus and we have our unique ways to accomplish the plans. Opt our amiable approach to Calculus and make your ward conquering the mountains.

Don’t you want to be comfortable with the chain rule, quotient rule product rule and so on, if yes, you are on the right page! We are a squad of skilled and experienced calculus tutors, who can help every student, see all these functions derivatives in an interesting way. Considering the importance of Calculus as an important subject of engineering and science, we take ourselves obliged to make our students confident in this stream.

All those graphs and daunting formulas are going to come at your feet as our tutors are like winners of the same. Let’s do all those maxima, minima, and slope of the complex curves with our tutors who can really make you masters of those.Now, you must be thinking about those trigonometric functions. Worry not, kid; we will solve those as well!

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Math is never an easy job to complete alone. You will need the efficiency and experience of a skilled tutor who can assist you with anything. Are you worried over your kid’s lower grades? And do you think by winning calculus your kid can be in the front line? Then wait not to be with us, its high time.

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The student has the opportunity to solidify all the concepts previously learned in algebra and trigonometry, which are essential to the learning of calculation. The course includes the definition of the limit and the derivative, its interpretation and its applications, the differentiation formulas, and the derivatives of a higher order.

We will make sure that your kid is getting all the basic concepts to deal with the CALCULUS. The undefined and defined integral as well as the applications, are explored in another section. At the end of the calculus course, the student receives a complete view of the infinite possibilities of deployment of computation in our daily life.

Our focus in Calculus Course will be:

  • Limits
  • Derivatives
  • Integrals
  • Theorems of calculus
  • Chain rule
  • Riemann sum
  • Newton’s method
  • Inflection point

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