Elementary Math

Are you looking for some math help to your elementary kid? 0urs is an online elementary tutoring service that strives to follow a comprehensive curriculum for the elementary school kids that focus on basic concepts of measures, numbers, basic operations, and geometrical shapes.

Need to get your Math solutions? The best angle from which you can approach any problem in Math is Jayas. Trust us, here we give them tools to climb mountains. Fortunately, we have the best and experienced math tutors, who can be at your service irrespective of time and place.

Our approach is unique. Here everything gets updated in a blink of eye. We cater to your kids’ curiosity. They can learn through fun pictures and graphics. Our strategy is to grab the attention of children through methods immense. To increase the interest level in learning; we adapt the most effective trends and make sure your kids are well-learned.

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  • Meet your online tutor from the comfort and safety of your home
  • Access recordings of sessions whenever you want
  • Schedule sessions at date and time convenient to you
  • Receive a practice sheet after every tutoring session
  • Contact our dedicated customer support 24/7 for any query
  • Experience state-of-the-art technology by learning over LIVE tutoring sessions

Assure Your Kids’ Excellence

1. Learn From The Best

Our pride is the best and highly qualified tutors from all around the world ready to help you at any moment. We follow a rigorous screening process to find the right tutors.

2. Advanced Educational Tools

We believe that our success lies in your satisfaction. And always choose to be the best among our competitors. Here we use the most advanced tools and educational techniques to get the best from our students. Be it a virtual whiteboard, screen-sharing, text editor, or video chat, we always get updated.

3. Focused Attention

Our elementary math tutoring service strives to give one-on-one attention to all students. Get your queries cleared in no time by our dedicated teachers.

4. Flexibility

Whatever may be your tutor demands, we are there to meet them at any time. We have the best faculty to cater to your needs and requirements. Also, you can seek help from the tutors at any time of day. 

We Work On The Following Topics:

1. Number Sense: We help kids learn how to represent numbers in various ways, the importance of place value, and play with numbers for measuring and comparing. The section also includes an introduction to decimals, fractions, and proportions.

2. Algebra: The child observes patterns and makes predictions, establishing the foundation of algebraic thinking. The kids learn to use symbols and notation for communicating in Math.

3. Geometry: The kid figures out how to explore basic shapes and objects and expand his spatial sense through drawing, reading maps, and so forth.

4. Measurement: From counting money and learning time telling to make measurements of length, weight, and capacity, the kid learns some significant life skills.

5. Data Analysis: The child is acquainted with the world of charts, tables, and graphs and utilizes them to share information in the most effortless way.

6. Information Analysis: The kid gets connected with the universe of diagrams, tables, and charts and how to utilize them to share data in the most effortless way.

Forget your problems, just ring us to see everything gets cleared within fraction of seconds. We assure education with a different attitude, because there lies something excellent beyond good grades.