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Middle school geometry or high school geometry, we are here to make you stand strong in the realm of Geometry. Just believe us, we speak lines and angles and make it sure that your kid is comprehending it..

In the high school level, we make sure your kids are well versed with the theorems and Euclid’s postulates. At this level we make sure that the student strengthens the concepts learned in elementary and middle school, emphasizing writing proofs of these concepts and explaining them in a mathematical sense.

Drawing on the conceptual knowledge of geometric shapes, angular relationships and properties of triangles; the course extends to the criteria of triangular congruence, the similarity of triangles, polygons and their classification, circles, explanations of area, perimeter and volume formulas, basic geometric theorems and coordinate Geometry. The emphasis is on reasoning and proofs, which help the student model and explain geometric situations.

Our promise is the application of theorems in real-life situations to solve the problems.

Jaya's Academy : where Tutoring Begins

Geometry can never make everyone equally happy, while some find these angles and lines interesting, most kids can’t differentiate between adjacent or vertically opposite angles; and there lies our responsibility. We cater it in the most interesting manner, so that each and every kid will fall in love with Geometry. Working according to the pace of your kid is what matters and we know it thoroughly

We pay heed to these small things and teach the basic concepts to your kids first. With the assistance of our online tutors, students can be friends with triangles and quadrilaterals.

Only the perfect base can make the kids excel. So we try to make them learn and understand lines, planes, and different shapes in the beginning. Then we will move towards theorems and postulates. Along with this, they will get to know radians and circles. We ensure to make the area and volume of 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional; interesting and colourful on our advanced whiteboard.

The Geometry Course Will Cover:

  • Application of the protractor postulate and the angle addition postulate for calculating angles
  • Construct parallel and perpendicular lines.
  • Determine unknown measures of congruent figures.
  • Solving real problems involving special right triangles (Trigonometry) 
  • Apply the properties of parallelograms and quadrilaterals to solve problems.
  • Determination of the radian measurement of a central angle.
  • Calculation of probabilities using the addition rule.
  • Calculation of area and perimeter of circle, sector, and segment
  • Construction of angles, learning how to segment lines, etc.
  • Draw  perpendiculars and angle bisectors
  • Introduction to locus, hyperbola, parabola, and ellipse
  • Definition of the various triangle
  • Integrate videos and multimedia devices
  • Giving an honest review of works written by a student
  • Make a space for students to share their views about writing and art
  • Guidance in writing original plays, poems and stories along with their theorems and converse
  • Various angles along with their measurement and calculation
  • The similarity of triangles and its theorems
  • Circle theorem, chords, tangents, etc.
  • Introduction to symmetry

What makes us the best in the line:

  • Use charts, graphics, and animations to enrich the kid’s learning experience
  • Mix real-life examples and topics to make the subject more relevant
  • Integrate videos and multimedia devices
  • Provide plenty of instructions so kids can easily understand the assignment
  • Use proper and advanced educational tools to make geometry interesting and entertaining
  • Measure your kid’s progress and change the course accordingly

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