Precalculus – The Mathematics of Number, Equations, and Functions

Do Inequalities, Trigonometric and Logarithmic functions scare you?

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Our prime responsibility lies in giving the students a soothing atmosphere to grasp the complex steps easily. We provide the online precalculus tutoring class which extends a safe environment where kids can learn new ideas at their own pace. Precalculus tutoring permits your kid to explore concepts, to pose inquiries, and to get uplifting feedback. The group of efficient tutors we have here, empowers your kid to pick up the dominance of precalculus as well as certainty, confidence, and a feeling of individual achievement as their scores to improve. We believe there is something beyond good grades.

Precalculus brings together the previous study of algebra, geometry, and mathematical functions in a preparatory course for calculus. The course focuses on mastering critical skills and exposure to new skills necessary for the success of subsequent math courses.

What we thrust upon here is the application of mathematical concepts in the real-life situations. We come up with the core curriculum standards and reinforce the students to get along well with the topics.

We focus on the topics like the basic concepts of algebra, and graphics, polynomials and rational functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, trigonometric functions, analytical trigonometry, subjects in trigonometry, systems of equations and inequalities, matrices and determinants, conic sections and analytical geometry, sequences, induction, probability and an introduction to calculus.

Online Precalculus Tutoring

The pre-calculation course is mainly aimed at strengthening the concepts of trigonometry, algebra, and geometry, which prepare the child for a course in advanced calculus in the future.

Students learn complex numbers, trigonometry and trigonometric graphics, analytical geometry, vectors, sequences and series, matrices, and an introduction to calculus.

A deep understanding of these concepts is a prerequisite not only for calculation but also for learning advanced science and engineering courses.

What’s in The Precalculus Course?

  • Functions and Graphs
  • Lines and Rates of Change
  • Sequences and Series
  • Polynomial and Rational Functions
  • Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
  • Analytic Geometry
  • Linear Algebra and Matrices
  • Probability and Statistics
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