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To reduce the kids’ struggles with Math, you can seek the assistance of an online tutoring service. In Jaya's Academy, we provide efficient and committed tutors who can work at desirable pace of your kids and help them secure higher grades. We suggest you to learn trigonometry online and let your child enjoy the safety of home.

With numeric, graphs, sine-cosine functions, right-angle triangle, and polar coordinates; trigonometry can undoubtedly vex your child out and make him lose interest in maths. Worse than that would be if he develops an aversion of opening a maths book. 

An online trigonometry tutor will help improve your child’s mathematical skills and grade point and enhance his self-esteem.

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Our aim is to make your child learn, discover and succeed. For this we cover the entire core course of trigonometry. To alleviate the complexity of this vast domain, we strategize to teach it in parts, which can be easily understood, learnt and retained by your child.

We are equipped with everything that is needed to make your child comfortable, moreover, assure the assistance of a trigonometry tutor who has expertise and skills to clear the various concepts to students.

Some of the main topics we cover are,

Numerical, graphical problems: 

Graphing trigonometric functions that involve amplitude, period, phase and vertical shifts,

Algebraic properties od trigonometry:

Develop algebraic understanding and skills that will help to solve equations concerning trigonometric functions,

Right angle trigonometry:

Understand the trigonometric functions that help in measurement and problem solving of the right-angled triangle.

Inverse trigonometric functions

Polar coordinates and Parametric equations

With an emphasize on the development of teaching ways to apply mathematical tools in real-life situations.

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Personalized one-on-one help:

We provide personalized, one-to-one help sessions to learn trigonometry online. Along with the regular teaching in our online classes, we review trigonometry problems that your child faces and extend our assistance in home works too.

No new technology can skip from our hold, we make use of interactive whiteboards to draw sine-cosine functions and graphs. We also help to prepare for specific tests for each child.

Expert help:

Our service is marked with the availability of licensed and experienced trigonometry tutors. As mentioned above, our maths experts focus on:

  • Sine, cosine, tangent functions
  • Trigonometric identities
  • Pythagoras Theorem
  • Powers of complex numbers
  • Inversions
  • Graphical Interpolation and Representation.

Proven Results:

We aim at releasing your child’s full potential. Our online trigonometry tutors are available for every child who needs to learn Trigonometry. The service is open for both high school and college-level students. You just be equipped with an interest in this field to learn trigonometry online and reap the benefits of our service.

We bring the tutoring to your home and make your child capable of higher grades. We have created benchmarks by teaching trigonometry online. Our trigonometry tutor helps every student to master trigonometry concepts in a novel way with the best technology available.

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