AMC 10

AMC 10

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Jaya's Academy for AMC 10 

Let’s first have a look at the AMC 10 exam and its preparation.

AMC 10 stands for American Mathematics Competition 10. The Mathematical Association of America sponsors the examination. The exam is conducted and designed to enhance and develop problem-solving skills in students. Such skills can be easily developed in students who are in high school. Therefore, children in grade 10 or below, whose age is under 17 and-a-half years are eligible to appear for the same. The exam is for 75 minutes, which comprises 25 questions. All the examination problems are multiple-choice questions, covering high school math syllabus that students are taught in grade 10. 

This academic math test develops excitement in students to solve challenging problems. Students who participate in such exams and prepare properly, develop talent in solving such problems and get a chance to learn about their hidden qualities. 

While preparing our students for AMC 10, our tutors give an in-depth knowledge of class 9 and 10 maths syllabi. 

Students are unique in their own ways, so we give individual attention to each student and give personalized study materials. This make it easy for them to understand math concepts deeply.  

Practice is the ultimate secret of our success. We make students solve more and more practice papers to give them an idea of the level of questions they will crack during the contest. This helps them solve the problems in less time and get correct answers. 

AMC 10 course includes:  

  • Knowledge of mathematical problem-solving in different topics
  • Algebra 
  • Geometry (including Pythagoras theorem) 
  • Probability
  • Area and Volume
  • Number Theory
  • Trigonometry
  • Other math topics from Secondary school

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  • Give an in-depth knowledge of the topics to build a strong firm on the concepts.
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  • Teach you to deal with fear and anxiety of contest and utilize it positively.  

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