MATHCOUNTS Preparation

MATHCOUNTS Preparation

The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics.

Do you feel like math entertains you?

Have you ever felt the need of proper guidance to do well in math?

Are you the one who starts doing a problem in math and get stuck in between?

Whatever is your problem, now it’s time to relax, as you reached Jaya's Academy. Here we provide quality education to meet your goals.

Many students prepare for MATHCOUNTS, because they not only welcome math geeks or people who are good with numbers, but also the people who are afraid of math. Sounds strange, right? MATHCOUNTS is commonplace for students of different communities to come together and have fun.

MATHCOUNTS is a challenging and funny program designed for middle school students. The program's main motive is to promote the excellence and competency of students in math.

The program is designed in a proper structure. It includes a series of events, with elimination round based on the performance of the team and individual contribution of the students. The program begins from the regional, following state-wise competition. The groups which excel in the state-wise competition, qualify for the nationals.

MATHCOUNTS, with its competitive environment, builds a strong foundation for students’ success.

Jaya's Academy for MATHCOUNTS Preparation

We have earned the position of one of the best tutoring services in the US. We take pride in the facilities and the materials that we are equipped with, in our classrooms.

We excel in multi-tasking! With in-depth subject knowledge and proper guidance to our students, we help them in several test preparations, including MATHCOUNTS.

Our well-qualified online tutors share their knowledge with your children and help them solve simple or complex questions on their own. So, they could develop a level of understanding in that subject or topic and augment confidence by polishing their analytical skills.

MATHCOUNTS Course at Jaya's Academy includes: 

  • Counting
  • Arithmetic 
  • Number Theory 
  • Statistics
  • Algebra
  • Probability
  • Geometry

We Opt a Progressive Approach

  • To help build a firm understanding of the concepts of math, the tutor explains all the topics by giving relevant real-life examples. 
  • With their skills and enthusiasm, our tutors create positive attitude among students, towards math and critical analytical thinking.  
  • Unlike offline tutors, your tutor is an e-mail away whenever a question arises in your mind.
  • Make you practice well to reach a level in terms to work with your team members and fasten your pace to answer the questions in a way that it should benefit both you and your team. 

Choose Us to Move Ahead

  1. We take pride in our tutors as they undergo a rigorous screening process to ensure their place in the Academy. They have the right skills and comprehension to deliver performance-driven results.
  2. We understand that students can have different interests, and they might lack in other concepts and topics. Considering this, our tutors are available 24/7 and well-versed in the matters students might seek. 
  3. With our tutoring service, you will get dedicated and round the clock support from our tutors. We have knowledgeable professionals looking forward to answer all your questions.  
  4. With our online tutoring platform, you can access professionally-written and latest syllabus-oriented practice papers to work through a problem and get expert feedback on your solutions at the same time.
  5. If you want to make it to the Nationals of MATHCOUNTS, learn the concepts from the experts at Jaya's Academy.

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