SBAC Exam Preparation

SBAC Exam Preparation

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Before going into the learning process of the exam, let's learn about what SBAC is.

SBAC stands for Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium. The system comprises of these four assessments. 

  • California Alternate Assessments for English language arts, mathematics, and science for students in grades 3 – 8 and grade 11.
  • Smarter, Balanced English language arts/literacy and mathematics for students in grades 3 – 8 and grade 11. 
  • California Science Tests for students in grades 5 and 8, and in high school. 
  • California Spanish Assessment. Students can give this exam in grades 2-12. 

Jaya's Academy own a bunch of experienced tutors who are marked with dedication and are a team of professionals. Our commitment towards the work helped us earn the position of one of the best online tutoring services in the USA's.

We provide an online mentoring service, which allows us to reach the students who need us. We prioritize students and their inquiries. Our online mentors are always available to answer your queries.

We understand, not every student is comfortable in a formal classroom and some even may not be raising their doubts within such a conventional construct. That is why our tutors give individual attention to every student and are available for one-on-one sessions.

Besides giving in-depth knowledge to our students, we also help them solve numerous practice papers to improve their critical thinking and guide them to solve more papers.

Jaya's Academy for SBAC Exam Preparation Tutoring 

We believe in regular and standard practice, which can improve your performance in exams to an excellent extent. To add to this, we begin the batch by conducting a diagnostic test. We prepare lesson plans according to the student's performance in the exam. 

Our SBAC tutoring services are generated for in-depth comprehension and to enhance the knowledge of all the subjects and polish the concepts. We also see through the stress students face while preparing for the exam.

Through regular tests, we measure students' progress; give them detailed feedback on their performance and work on their weaknesses and improve. 

Students keep on giving the supervised tests for more practice and get a fair idea of what kind of questions they will get in the exam.

After proper practice and all the tests, students and parents can compare their children's scores against grade-level requirements and other students' results in that grade.

Jaya's Academy: Your Success Partner  

  • Give an in-depth knowledge of the topics to build a strong hold on the concepts.
  • With their skills and enthusiasm, our tutors help students build a positive attitude in all the subjects and improve critical analytical thinking. 
  • Your online tutor is an e-mail away whenever a question arises in your mind.  
  • They set you free from the fear of the exam and make you confident. 

We Know the Formula of Success

  1. We take pride in our tutors as they undergo a rigorous screening process to ensure they have the right skills and comprehension to deliver performance-driven results.  
  2. We understand students can have different interests, and they might lack in other concepts and topics. Given this, our tutors are available 24/7. They are well-versed in the matters students might seek. 
  3. With our tutoring service, you will get dedicated and round the clock support from our tutors. Regardless of your queries, we have knowledgeable professionals looking forward to answering all your doubts and questions.
  4. Don't let distance come in the way of your learning. We are available online every time you want.

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