SSAT Test Preparation

SSAT Test Preparation

Learners need endless feedback, than they need endless teaching.

We need to excel all the time when we got tested.

Are you all set for your SSAT exam?

Do you find it a tedious task to write essays with arguments and their justification?

Do reading compressions make you bored, but you have to nail it for SSAT exam?

Join Jaya's Academy, here we have solutions to all your queries. Our duty is to facilitate the inner capabilities of students to make them help themselves and to bring about confidence in them to do more.

We have proven to be the best for all kinds of exam preparations and particular subject tutoring services. Now let us have a glance at what is the SSAT Test.

The SSAT stands for Secondary School Admissions Test, and was introduced by Enrolment Management Association. The objective of SSAT is to help the educators in charge of admissions to independent or private schools with some pre-defined patterns and measures which assist them in making the right decision. This test doesn’t focus on the measurement of personal characteristics or achievements but is a component of complete assessment. 

The test is comprised of three levels: Elementary, Middle and Upper. Primary group is for the students currently in grades 3 and 4 and applying for grades 4 and 5. The middle level is designed for students presently in grades 4 and 5 and applying to get admission in class 5 and 6. The upper level is for the students seeking admission in grades nine and above. 

Our tutors are marked with dedication and quality. The team work we extend made us one of the USA's best online tutoring services. 

We provide an online mentoring service, which allows us to reach the students who need proper guidance. We prioritize students and their inquiries. Our online mentors are always available to answer your queries. All you have to do is to ring us for details. 

We understand, not every student is comfortable in a traditional classroom environment. That is why our tutors give individual attention to every student and are available for one-on-one sessions. 

We excel in multi facilities, along with giving in-depth knowledge of the topics, we also make our students practice more and more from the previous year question papers. 

Jaya's Academy for SSAT Preparation 

At Jaya's Academy, we begin with an analysis of the student. So, all the students preparing for any subject, have to give an initial diagnostic test. Based on the results of this exam, we figure out your strengths and weaknesses related to the topic. Our tutors put in their maximum efforts to make you confident in your weak parts even and thereby leads you to good scores. For the preparation, the course is administered to the students in grades 3-11. 

Once the in-depth understanding of each subject is shared and the concepts are cleared, then we move onto full-length supervised practice test.

We have a clear vision to help you score extraordinary here, so you could give your best performance in the exams.

SSAT Preparation course includes: 

  • Mathematics
  • Verbal Reasoning 
  • Reading Comprehension  
  • Brief essay practice 

Jaya's Academy Motivates the Winners in You:

  • To help build a firm understanding of the concepts of math and all other areas. The tutor explains all the topics by giving relevant real-life examples. 
  • Our tutors create positive attitude in students towards math and critical analytical thinking. 
  • Your tutor is an e-mail away, whenever a question arises in your mind.
  • Make you do practice in teams and assist you learn to work with your team members and fasten your pace to answer the questions in a way that it should benefit both you and your team. 

We Deal With Success Only

  1. We take pride in our tutors as they undergo a rigorous screening process to ensure they have the right skills and comprehension to deliver performance-driven results.
  2. We understand students can have different interests, and they might lack in other concepts and topics. Considering this, our tutors are well-versed in the matters students might seek and available 24/7.
  3. With our online services, you will get dedicated and round the clock support from our tutor. Regardless of your queries, we have knowledgeable professionals looking forward to answer all your questions. 
  4. With our online tutoring platform, you can access professionally-written and latest syllabus-oriented practice papers to work through a problem and get expert feedback on your solutions within no time.

Are you looking forward to score high in the latest SSAT exam?

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