Modern chemistry, with its far-reaching generalisations and hypotheses, is a fine example of how far human mind can go in exploring the unknown beyond the limits of the human senses 

Do you find it’s perplexing to read and comprehend the periodic table? 

Do you have to tax your brains to deal with the concept of nuclear chemistry? 

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Online chemistry tutors associated with us never impose learning onto the students, but their fundamental concern remains to give in-depth knowledge of the concepts to students. Our chemistry tutoring ultimately involves real-life examples to enhance students’ understanding, which they could take with them for years and not just for this session. 

Our online tutors always discuss the basics of elementary class; starting from matter, molecular structures and end up discussing all the essential and significant topics that a child needs to build the other blocks upon.

 Chemistry Tutoring at Jaya's Academy

We understand that every child is unique and will be having varying interest levels in different topics. That is why our online chemistry tutors always devote their time to every student individually. The pupils’ basics are polished by constant questioning in the classroom with real-life, relatable references.  

 Online Chemistry Tutoring course offers:  

  • Chemical Structure 
  • Basic Chemical Bonding 
  • Bonding Theories 
  • Behaviour of gases 
  • Intermolecular forces of gases, liquids and solid 
  • Chemical reaction rate 
  • Equilibrium 
  • Nuclear chemistry 
  • Organic Chemistry 
  • Kinetics 
  • Thermodynamics 
  • Electrochemistry 
  • Stoichiometry
  • Gas Laws 
  • Titration  

What do we do differently? 

  • We provide our students with excess of information to do their assignments efficiently.
  • Incorporate video and audios into lectures to make a term clearer. 
  • Use models to make students understand properly. 
  • Make them solve tasks using analytical thinking. 
  • We continuously analyse the performance of your student and then allot a suitable batch to them.

We let Your Minds Ignite

  • 1. We provide a child-friendly environment inside the class. This helps most students interact in the course, keep their fear aside, and participate in the activities and discussions. 
  • 2. We follow the same curriculum that a student reads in school. We want the students to be perfect in what they need to study.  
  • 3. You’ll not have any issue adjusting with our tutor because the same tutor is allotted to you for an entire year. This will make things easy for both tutor and the pupil.  
  • 4. Timings of the classes are scheduled as they are preferable to the students. 

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