Physical science

Physical science

Do you think it is insignificant to learn about the non-living things? 

Have you ever wondered about the different the properties of energy?

Viruses, which are non-living organisms turn out to be living organisms when they find a host. The hazardous pandemic is caused by such a virus.

So, now too, do you think it is not essential to have a deeper comprehension of all kinds of organisms around you, living or non-living.

Learning physical science won’t be a complex process now, as you reached us. Especially in high school level, this can help you make your topics strong and open many career options. 

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Jaya's Academy for Physical Science Tutoring

Students are different in their own ways, and they will be having their strong and weak topics too. If one is good with concepts of math, the other might be excelling with ideas of science. Therefore, our physical science tutors do their best to treat students according to their interests. We guide them accordingly too.

Our online physical science tutors are much praised for their way of teaching with real-life evidence and real models to teach the concept. Their hard work and efficiency are visible in the higher grades of our students. Most importantly, they know how to engage the students in the class by seeking their attention. 

What Do We Cover in Physical Science Tutoring?

  • Measurement
  • Physical and Chemical Changes
  • Atoms and molecules
  • Light
  • Electricity
  • Motion and Force
  • Magnetism
  • Properties and States of Matter
  • Nuclear Chemistry
  • Thermal Heat and Energy
  • Electromagnetic Spectrum and waves
  • Optics

Our physical science tutors do a commendable job in building practical knowledge of the subject. Students can analyse and come up with answers from their understanding of the topics. 

Our efforts never remain restricted to only the bookish knowledge of physical science. We focus on making students capable of solving real-life problems with all their physical science tutors knowledge shared with them.

We believe in refreshing your ideas and broadening your visions.

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Our specifications are:

One-To-One Physical Science Lessons

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Efficient and Experienced Tutors

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Our online physical tutors are available on a 24* 7 basis. They are well-versed with all the topics and areas that you might need help with.

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