Have you ever wondered about gravitational forces?

Do you sometimes feel why astrophysics and not theology?

Are you terrified of analysing how optics is all around you?

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Just like a mechanic, a student in Physics not only needs to know how to wield their tools but also how to use them on a complex problem. Developing problem-solving skills is hard.

Let’s quit being in static motion and finally get a bump of inertia. Get going towards an eternity of knowledge in uniform motion with Jaya's Academy. 

Physics tutoring services at Jaya’s Academy do not promote cramming; neither our online Physics tutors proceed to another topic unless they receive a positive output from the students when specific questions related to the same topic are asked to them. 

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Here, our online physics tuitions not only help the students with their course but also help them solve assignments and complete the tasks assigned to them in school. 

Our endeavours primarily remain in making the child understand everything they are reading during the lecture. To make it easy for them to understand things, our online physics tutors give them real-life references. 

We believe everything around us is physics, and everything to run appropriately needs physics. Learn physics online with us.

Physics Tutoring at Jaya's Academy

We understand, not every student sees science around. Some students are competent in optics, while a few others like electricity. Every child has an area in the subject where they excel. There remain certain areas that they do not understand or do not have an interest in studying, which reduces their scores. 

Our online physics tutors figure your weak topic and make you practice it more and more until you become an expert.

We always teach basics in the class first. Students who are already competent in basics get their knowledge polished, and students who didn’t understand some topics in elementary school get a chance to learn them now. 

In our online physics tuitions, we give individual attention to every student in the class.  

Physics Tutoring at Jaya's Academy includes:

  • Study of vector and scalars
  • Numerical solving of speed, acceleration, velocity, and kinetic equations
  • Newton’s Law of Motion
  • Force
  • Energy
  • Heat
  • Magnetism
  • Impulse and momentum
  • GravitationConservation of energy

    We ignite your minds and care about your future.

    Why it’s always Jaya's Academy?!

    Because, we believe the following things are inevitable.

    • Give proper instructions to children so they could solve the assignments and complete the task efficiently.
    • Show videos and multimedia objects in the classroom for better understanding.
    • Use actual objects and models to explain the concepts to children.
    • Do classroom discussions to make the student think and come up and share their ideas behind that concept with other students.
    • Analyse the progress of students, when we shift them to another batch.

    Jaya's Academy: Personalized tutoring for success

    1. You will find it comfortable to adjust with our online tutor, because the same tutor is allotted to you for an entire year. This will make things easy for both the tutor and the student.  
    1. We provide a child-friendly environment inside the class which helps most of the students to interact well and clear their doubts in an online classroom. 
    2. Timings of the classes are scheduled by giving priority to the student’s convenience.
    1. All our teachers have done majors in their respective subjects, so you do not need to worry about our teachers’ academic efficiency. 

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