SAT Complete

SAT Complete

Do you think you will be able to cover all the topics of SAT exam by yourself?

Do you wish to have a clarity over the rules, regulations and instructions of the exam?

Have you ever thought of a comprehensive and all-round course which can be of great help to clear your SAT exam?

Jaya's Academy understand how exhausting it could be to prepare for the SAT exam. So, we give away the efficient and effective training to prepare the students for the same.

We at Jaya's Academy take pride in the reputation of our tutoring services maintained in the US. The dedicated mindset of our experts and their hard work in bringing out the best in the students are remarkable.

Our tutoring services are entirely student-centred. And the primary concern is to discuss the topics in such a way that the student will be easily reproducing it when the chance comes.

Students can access the classes at their convenient time slots. They can learn anything about the exam from experts while sitting inside their homes with minimum distraction possible. 

SAT is not precisely what it used to be. There are some fundamental changes that we would like to acknowledge:

  • Essay is optional
  • Reading and writing is now evidence-based
  • Now the duration of the test is 3 hours plus 50 minutes for an optional essay
  • The scale of the scoring system now ranges from 400 to 1600.
  • Only objective type questions
  • No sentence completion
  • No negative marking so that students can attempt the complete paper because of no risk involved in guess. 

Jaya's Academy: The Best Training for SAT Complete Test

We assume our duty as to impart the in-depth knowledge of all the concepts to enrich student’s experience. During the course, our endeavours remain to provide the SAT exam's competitive environment to help the child face the competition and prepare for it accordingly. 

We conduct a diagnostic test initially, followed by an in-depth review. Based on the results of the test, the students' infirmities and strengths are identified, and they are given the customized tutoring plan, which covers section-wise practice tests and lessons for students to refine their skills and to improve their scores. Because we know that every student learns at his own pace.

Once students are well versed with the syllabus and come up with visible growth in their performance, our tutors start conducting full length supervised practice tests. Independent full-length practice exams are given as home assignments. These assignments include questions from the College Board official, SAT guide, and some problems in the tasks are added from the side of test experts. 

The Scorecard of the students is analysed regularly, and detailed feedback is given after every assignment completion. This helps both the tutor and the student to put in some extra efforts in the required area. The more deeply you learn about a subject, the higher are the chances for you to crack your SAT exam. 

We Give You Wings to Fly

  • Provide proper feedback after every test and assignment.
  • Always there to clear your doubts and discuss anything and everything you need. 
  • Help students deal with pre-exam pressure, which is typical of every student.
  • During the program, we prepare your child for the SAT Complete exam. Our tutors also devote their extra efforts to build confidence in the student.
  • Teach highly effective strategies to tackle the exam with ease.
  • The policies are competent enough to help students grab their dream score in writing, reading, math, and language.  

SAT Complete course at Jaya's Academy is divided into two sections

1. Evidence-Based Writing and Reading 
  • Diagnostic Test Review
  • Concept and Approaches
  • Review of around 5 Practice Tests given as home assignments
  • More than 2 supervised practice tests and review
2. Math  
  • Diagnostic Test Review
  • Concept and Approaches
  • Review of around 7 Practice Tests given as home assignments
  • More than 3 supervised practice tests and review

Your Success is A Few Steps Away:

  • The better future of students is our priority. Therefore, the study material is prepared by experts keeping all kinds of students in mind. 
  • Our tutors are the backbone of our Academy, and we feel pride in having such qualified tutors with us.
  • We are always an email away whenever you need us.
  • We support change and provide the least distractive, modern classrooms for students to enjoy studying.

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