SAT Reading and Writing

SAT Reading and Writing

A book is a gift that you can open again and again.

To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark. 

Yet some children may hesitate to make it as a habit of theirs.

Are you someone who likes to read, but evidence-based reading and writing don't seem to be your cup of tea?

Do you seriously want to clear your SAT exam, but you don't know how you will get through it?

Here in Jaya's Academy, we instil the habit of reading in children, by making them masters of evidence-based reading and writing. Along with this, we focus on the figurative language and poetic devices the writers use in their works.

Jaya's Academy is a reputed online tutoring service in the US. We have maintained our name as the best among the rest. And are obliged to impart quality education at a very reasonable cost. We are open to positive criticism, which can act as a motivating force for us.

We understand that when it comes to SAT exam, no one would like to take a chance; maybe that's why students, since the beginning of their preparation period, join us, and by the end, they can see the difference. We impart everything here; information, in-depth knowledge, and, most importantly, confidence. 

Jaya's Academy for SAT Reading and Writing Test Preparation

The practice is the key to success, and we strongly believe in this saying. This is why we focus on solving more and more practice papers in our entire course. 

Our initial endeavour is the diagnostic test, which gives our tutors a bit of information about the student's level of understanding in that subject. Hence, teachers detect the students’ weak and strong areas and start working on turning the vulnerable area into a stronger one. 

During the course, students are given challenging passages to deepen their active reading skills. We make them give correct answers using various activities like elimination and other strategies. 

Our tutors thoroughly review every reading session. They have a detailed discussion on the passage after the reading. Through this discussion and reviewing of the session, students analyse their own errors and we give suggestions on how they can eliminate it to make their score better. 

From such activities and reviewed discussions, students develop their skills at critical reading and learn to identify the correct answers from equally plausible options.

Most of the students, score low in the writing session, because they find it like a puzzle to put the exact words to convey their thoughts. Some make grammatical errors while others lack in evidence-based writing skills. At this point, the tutors of Jaya’s Academy can be of great help. We guide the students with the basics of grammar, a few techniques to write a good essay, and things automatically become easy when pupils practice plenty of exercises for reinforcing each concept. 

Our proven strategies and drills prepare students for unknown words and phrases that they may encounter in their real test.  

Once the child gets well versed with all the techniques and how to attempt the tests, we enhance the level and number of papers one has to solve. We give students to solve a full-length (more than 5) supervised practice tests to increase the level of their practice, and then we move to more complicated, independent, full-length practice papers (more than 5), which are given as a home assignment. 

A proper scorecard is maintained of every student through which we check the progress of the student. Even minor thing in the practice that needs to be improved will get acknowledged and the detailed feedback on every test help the students to know where they have improved and where they need to put in some extra efforts. 

These tests and regular practices give a sense of competition to the students and prepare them for the pressure they might experience. 

SAT Reading and Writing Course offers

  • Diagnostic Test Review
  • Concepts and Approaches in both evidence-based reading and writing
  • Review of more than two full-length supervised practice tests
  • More than five practice tests are given as home assignments and are reviewed. 

Jaya's Academy: Your Destiny is Safe in Our Hands

  • Our tutors are experts because they have cleared the SAT exam with remarkable scores and have been guiding students for many years. 
  • Our tutors are well-versed with all the topics and areas of SAT reading and writing exams and are dedicated to teach up to the best possible level.
  • When you have an expert backing you up while the preparation of such a game-changing SAT exam, you needn’t worry because you know your tutor is just an e-mail away whenever you need them.
  • Your anxieties will get changed into the preparing hours with our experts who better knows how to alleviate your pressure and exam fright.

It’s Time to Go Ahead with Jaya's Academy:

  • We provide personalized attention to every student which might not be possible in a classroom full of students. But online tutoring made it possible and very efficient. 
  • Student's regular progress report is maintained, and they are allotted to the classes depending on their performance.
  • We assure improvement in grades of your children within three months. You would be able to see the difference. 
  • Our tutoring services are entirely student-centred. We design the schedule as per the student's requirement and convenient. 

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