Do you need to get focused on the preparation for PARCC?

Are you terrified even to think about attending a computer-based exam?

Have you ever thought about an ideal place to assist your child to pass PARCC?

Your worries end here with Jaya's Academy, as ours is the hub for any exam preparation you want to clear. You may be perplexed by how to start and proceed in a systematic way. We are there to guide and assist you.

PARCC stands for Partnership of Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers. It is an association of eight states (Illinois, Maryland, Louisiana, New Jersey, Illinois, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Mexico) and the district of Columbia. The department of Defence Education Activity and The Bureau of Indian Affairs also consider PARCC assessments. 

This is a computer-based test that access skills in English Language Arts/literacy and math for high school and grades 3-8. The Test will be assessing the child’s knowledge of basics, problem-solving and critical thinking. Jaya's Academy offers a better understanding and in-depth knowledge of the concepts to children via computer screens.

We take pride in our team and the effort they put in to make Jaya's Academy recognized for providing the best online tutoring services. We take care of delivering the topics and information to our students that could help them understand things properly and encourage them to do smart and hard work.

Jaya's Academy: We Plan Bigger and Better

We understand, some students are concerned about skills and information to maintain a fair assessment in PARCC. Our experts work on delivering accurate information in both the subjects -English and math- which can boost your child's confidence. This will surely of great help to your child to score higher.

In this program, our tutors interact with students, conduct some activities, take a few practice tests, and then identify the child's weak areas and start working on that. Continuous practice and attention in that area help the student to improve and then move on to the other topics that seem to be a hustle. 

Our efforts remain to make the student solve an ample amount of problems after which they could quickly solve computer-based problems, and continuous practice helps the score to go up. 

Our PARCC Preparation Program includes: 

  • Diagnostic Test to check the strengths and weaknesses of the child
  • The tests, in the beginning, measure student's critical thinking in English language arts and math
  • In-depth coaching on all the subjects and approaches to the questions
  • Solving of full-length supervised practice tests.)

We Stand on the Peak and Aim Higher

  • Our online PARCC tutors help students to reach their best level to give such challenging exams. 
  • Our tutors are trained enough to give better comprehension in every topic and prepare the students to pass high-level exams. 
  • Tutors at Jaya's Academy not only help students to raise their scores but also help them to boost their confidence. 

Jaya's Academy is Unique in its Own Ways

  • We provide personalized attention and effective understanding to every student by online tutoring, which might not be possible in a normal classroom.  
  • You can learn from the best tutors in the US and that too in a very reasonable amount.  
  • We believe in monotony. So, the tutor given to you at the beginning of the course will remain with you till the end.  
  • Our tutoring services are entirely student- centred. We design the schedule as per the student's requirement and convenience.

To excel in your PARCC assessments, learn the secrets from experts. You can drop a mail to schedule a live lesson with our expert!